The 8th International Conference on Work and Health will take place on January 25th and 26th, 2024 at the FHNW School of Social Work in Olten.

Focus of the conference "Work and Health" is on the topic "New Work in the World of Work" and "Contemporary Challenges".

The current, far-reaching transformation processes in working society are often summarized and discussed under the term “new work“. The concept of “new work,” which goes back to Frithjof Bergmann’s formulation, focuses on the needs of employees for work activities that are meaningful to them. According to Bergmann, New Work is characterized by work in which workers have the opportunity to pursue a job that they really like and that they can largely organize themselves. The concept of “new work” in the transformation of the working world can also be linked to the dis-courses about “good work” or “decent work,” such as those conducted in connection with the International Labor Organization ILO.

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