General Terms and Conditions for Conferences/ Congresses of the FHNW School of Engineering

These General Terms and Conditions apply for Conferences/Congresses of the FHNW School of Engineering:

  • Unless otherwise stated, the participation fees are exclusive of expenses such as accommodation, travel expenses, meals, etc.
  • By registering, participants commit to paying the agreed conference/congress costs in full and on time. The payment deadline is 30 days up until 30 days before the event, after that it is 10 days.
  • If the participation fees are not paid on time, the school is not obliged to admit those who have registered.
  • By paying the participation fees in full and on time, those registered secure the right to participate in the individual events of the conference/congress (e.g., plenary session, workshops).
  • Non-participation in individual events does not entitle participants to make any financial claims against the school.
  • The school reserves the right to change the offer at short notice (location, time, lecturers, content design, etc.), which serve quality development and/or organization and feasibility.
  • If you deregister after the early registration deadline for the conference/congress or fail to show up, 100% of the costs will be charged, before that it is 20%.
  • If there are too few registrations, the school can cancel the conference/congress up to two weeks before the start. This does not result in any claims against the school for those registered. The participation fees will be refunded in full.
  • The school excludes liability for damages caused by third parties, especially theft, which occur during the events. The participants are responsible for their own insurance coverage.


The place of jurisdiction is Brugg (AG), Swiss law applies to all legal relationships.


Windisch, 24.01.2024